To end the year with a bang, Ocean released a redesigned version of the web app!

The new design allows users to properly work together on lists, gives more transparency and control into applied filters, speeds up the starting point of your search, and has many more great improvements to the search experience. 😍

Here are a few highlights;

Work together on lists 🎯

If you choose to 'Share' your list, your teammates can view and supplement items on your list. Managers now have full control over any list on the platform to help out. Work together to create highly targeted lists and streamline your outreach!

Applied filters design ✅

See all applied filters in an easy overview. Clicking on an applied filter will expand a section that shows you all options. Remove them individually or in a bulk to save yourself time.

Access saved searches immediately 🔎

When you enter the search page, your saved searches are pulled up and visible immediately so you can load your desired filters right away.

A better overview of lists and saved searches 🦅

Find your way faster through the new pop-up by applying filters related to the visibility and owners. In this new design, you can also see the owner and an exact number of items on your list, so you have a better overview without having to navigate away from the page.

Vertical menu bar ⭐️

The menu bar has moved to the left side of the screen! This makes it easier to navigate around and see extra information in the expanding menu.

General design improvements 🔥

Last but not least, our design team worked hard to make the design extra sleek and aesthetically satisfying. The colors are softened, the buttons slightly larger and easier to click, resizing the table headers is much easier, and more. Check it out on your account now!

If you have any questions, your Customer Success Manager would be happy to help!

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