Note: This feature is currently in BETA, only selected customers have access. If you're interested, please contact your account manager to hear more.

The email finder is the newest addition to our system and helps users find business email addresses of individuals. To use the email finder feature, ensure that the column "Email" is switched on in the People search. If you are in doubt, click on "Edit columns" to check your active columns:

Find email

Click on the button to get started.

Verify email

An email address has been found on a website associated with the company, though it has not yet been attempted to be verified. Click on "Verify to get started.

Verified email found

An email address has been found. Our system verified that this is a working email.

Email found, high confidence

An email address has been found on a website associated with the company, though it couldn't be verified.

Guessed email, high confidence

A pattern has been found within this company, but this person's email could not be verified.

Not found

An email address was not found. This could happen when no email addresses have been found and none of the generated patterns could be verified.

About the email finder

What does the email finder do?

The email finder looks on websites to find email addresses associated to company employees. If it can't find an email address associated to a person, it generates a variety of patterns that could potentially represent the email address. When you click on "Find email" or "Verify email", the process gets initiated and will show if it can validate a found or generated email address.

What does it mean when an email is "verified"?

"Verifying" an email means that a test is sent to the email address to check if it accepts any incoming emails. If the test comes back successful, it means that the email address is active and working. These email addresses will get the status "Verified".

If the test comes back unsuccessful, it doesn't necessarily mean the email address is inactive, as the test could fail for a number of reasons. Perhaps the company has an "accept all" protocol on their email servers that causes this.

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