When entering a domain in the Discover API or the Enrich API, the default response you get when the call was successful is SUCCESS. If the call fails due to issues with the domain input you provided, you will see one of the error responses below.


The domain you entered is currently being re-crawled. This means that our scrapers are reading and processing the website information to improve the search. This usually takes a few minutes, so please try again later.


The domain you entered is written in a language that can't be processed at the moment. Due to the way we crawl and process websites, we are limited to a particular set of languages. If the website content doesn't fit that set of languages, we will not be able to process it until we have created a translation service for it.

We add new languages to our portfolio constantly, so please stay tuned and read more about the languages we currently support in the following support article: Language coverage


If the domain you entered can't be crawled because of its content (unrelated to the language) this is the error response that you will receive. Examples in which this could occur are if the website doesn't contain any text at all, or if it is written in a very uncommon coding language that can't be processed properly by our scrapers. In these cases, we recommend using another domain as the base for your lookalike search.


The domain couldn't be found at this moment due to an unexpected error. This is likely to be related to an error occurring in Ocean, rather than the domain you entered. Try again, try another domain, or contact our support department to potentially get this issue resolved.

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