You might have noticed the "10,000+" counter at the right top of your search results:

This represents the limit of results that can display or export at any given moment. Even if you click further to the 200th page, you will see that you can't proceed to the 201st page, to see beyond 10,000 results. Why is that? is not a standard database like any other.

With other tools, you start with a large pool of companies or contacts that you narrow down by adding simple inclusion and exclusion filters.

In, however, it works a bit differently. Our sophisticated and complex algorithms will generate live results in the platform that can't be found in any standard database. Let's take an example with our lookalike search.

If you fill out a domain of your choice, such as "", you're not simply applying a filter to find a company that matches that exact domain. Otherwise, you'd only get 1 result, which is the company "". You want to find companies that are similar to "". Therefore, our algorithms will scan the website content of "", then search inside of our database for companies with similarities to "". Like a little investigator. As this is a very heavy task, the investigator has to stop when it reaches the 10,000 results.

Don't worry though, the results beyond 10,000 aren't lost! The key is to apply smart filters. For instance, filtering by employee size or location will cut down the number of results and allow our investigator to find new companies, up to 10,000. As long as you're under the 10,000 limit, you'll be able to see and select them. Alternate between filters to add them in batches.

With regards to exporting, the same rules apply. If you want to export more than 10,000 results in a list, you can do so by applying smart filters or exporting them in batches of 10,000.

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