Ocean.io just upgraded its search game! Instead of using just 1 company, you can now use multiple companies to initiate a lookalike search. That way, you can search for more specific characteristics and narrow down your search.

How do I start the search?

The first option is to narrow down an existing search. Select multiple companies in your search list and choose to either add them to your current search by clicking on Find lookalike companies or starting an entirely new search by clicking on Replace lookalike filter.

The second option is to fill out a second domain in the Lookalike companies search and hit enter. In the example below, the search is based on both salesmate.io and pandadoc.com.

What can it be used for?

The multi-domain search is best put to use when your goal is to narrow down your search. Instead of basing the lookalikes list on 1 company, it will look for common patterns in multiple companies you added to the search.

An example use case is if you're looking for travel agencies specialized in travels in Southern Europe. Previously, if you filled out a travel agency like that, you might still end up with a list of travel agencies offering trips all over the world. But if you add multiple domains that all specialize in travels in Southern Europe, your results will be much more spot on!

What if the results don't make sense?

The more similar domains you add, the narrower the results will be. If you add a domain that doesn't have much in common with the others, the results might get broader as it has found other characteristics to take into consideration in the search. If this happens, click on the little garbage bin icon left from the domain to remove it from the lookalike search and narrow the results back down again.

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