Whenever you make an export to CSV, it's unlikely for the system to update or fail any of the exports. However, if you have your CRM connected, some issues might occur, depending on your setup. This article helps you understand what these export notifications mean.

Whenever you perform an export from Ocean.io, you will always receive a notification on your account to inform you of the results of your export. This notification will show up underneath the bell-shaped icon:

An example of an export notification looks like this:

If you click on a number, a pop-up appears to display the data that falls into this category, which could be helpful for troubleshooting.

One export can fall into one of these categories:

🟢. Added

Ocean.io has added the number of companies/contacts/deals to your CRM successfully and created new objects for them.

🔵. Ignored

Ocean.io already found an object for this in your CRM, and has therefore not created a new object for it. This could happen if it found a company that already existed in your CRM, or a person based on its email address.

🟠. Failed

Sometimes, an export could fail for a number of reasons. For instance, if a field in the CRM is not properly matched. Click on the number of failed objects to read the details in the pop-up that your CRM has provided us with. If you're in doubt about why an export failed, please contact your account manager to get help with troubleshooting.

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