Note: APIs are an add-on and can be purchased through your account manager.

Read the full developers documentation to get a full overview of the possibilities on

What are APIs?

An application programming interface (API) is a software-to-software interface. They allow separate software systems to interact without user intervention. APIs automate tasks, so your business can save time and energy on work processes. They also allow you much more personalization than any native integration can offer. They require a developer to set up.

What type of APIs does offer?'s APIs allow you to easily fetch and search through business data, allowing you to integrate the data into your CRM or any other system of choice. There are two types of APIs available:

  • Enrich Company API ⭐️

  • Discover Company API 🚀

  • Usage Check API 🧐

  • Technologies Overview API ⚙️

  • Industries Overview API 🏭

Enrich Company API ⭐️

The Enrich Company API allows you to send a domain to, and get all information available on the particular company sent back to you in JSON format. You can then use this information to enrich any data you already have.

An example use case is to fetch all company data whenever you receive a new lead in your CRM by making an API call based on the email domain of the inbound lead. This will help the sales team to better assess the value of the inbound lead, according to the properties enriched by (size, web traffic, technologies used, et cetera).

Discover Company API 🚀

The Discover Company API lets you perform a search in the system by providing it one or more filters of your choice. For instance, domain and/or size. The full list of filters can be found in the developers documentation. The APIs will then return companies that are considered relevant according to the algorithm.

An example use case is to provide your sales team with similar companies to the ones they just closed a successful deal with. This allows your sales team to replicate their success and continue the win streak.

Usage Check API 🧐

The Usage Check API shows you the exact number of calls you have access to, the number of calls you used, and the number of calls you have left for this particular period.

Technologies Overview API ⚙️

The Technologies Overview API shows you all possible technologies that can track on websites. If you wish to use the technology categories filter in the Discover Company API, you have to fill out a numerical value. The right values can be found in this API endpoint.

Industries Overview API 🏭

The Industries Overview API shows you all the possible industries that labels the companies in the database with. If you wish to use the industry categories filter in the Discover Company API, you have to fill out the numerical value representing the industry category. The right values can be found in this API endpoint.

What do I need to get started?

To get started with's APIs, you need an API key. Please contact your account manager in to check if APIs are part of your package, and if so, they can provide you with the needed API key to get started.

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