Note: The 'Recommendations' product is in a closed Beta at the moment. If you wish to gain access, please contact your account manager.

In some cases, the algorithm can't find interesting lookalike companies to present, for instance, in the Recommendations card for when you just closed a deal.

Naturally, you can always start a search from scratch and apply industry filters and such according to your liking without relying on the lookalike companies automatically generated by our algorithm.

Still, you might be wondering:

Why can't it sometimes find lookalike companies?

There could be several reasons, each listed here below:

1. There is not enough data in your CRM about the company you closed

This could happen if you have no company attached to your deal/opportunity, or the company does exist in your CRM but doesn't have sufficient data available. The most important field on company-level for is 'company domain'. If this field is not filled out, looks for other data points such as company name, registration number and address. Though we always recommend to ensure you have the company domain filled out.

2. The domain of the company you closed can't be read

In order to present interesting lookalike companies, our algorithm needs to be able to visit the company domain of your recent deal. If their domain is under construction, blocked from scraping, or incorrect, it can't find lookalike companies for you.

3. There are not enough similar companies in our database

If the algorithm decides it can't find interesting lookalike companies based on the information we have gathered, it won't force a list of companies on you. Instead, it would recommend you to start a free search from scratch.

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