Note: The 'Recommendations' product is in a closed Beta at the moment. If you wish to gain access, please contact your account manager.

Card type: Prospecting

Once a week, our AI system will analyse all the deals you've closed in the past 2 months. It will search for the best deals you closed, based on parameters such as the deal value and the time it took for you to close this deal.

A maximum of 5 deals will be used to find interesting opportunities for you to go for next, both in- and outside your CRM. The opportunities are of similar nature as your best performing deals, to give you a head-start in the sales conversations and help you repeat your success.

If you click on 'Show # lookalike companies', you will be brought to the full list of opportunities that were spotted.

In that overview, you can add interesting companies to your lists and/or export them directly to your CRM to start the chase 🐅

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