Note: The 'Recommendations' product is in a closed Beta at the moment. If you wish to gain access, please contact your account manager.

Recommendations are's new AI-powered exclusive feature, helping sales reps become more efficient in their prospecting They can be divided into 4 categories: Prospecting, Cleaning, Task management, and Analysis.

In this article, we give you an overview of what these categories mean, and which cards are live in each category.

Prospecting: Allowing you to find the best new leads in- and outside your CRM

Cleaning: Helping you keep your pipeline clean efficiently

Task management: Assisting you to keep the focus on important events

Analysis: Get insights into your current sales performance


Prospecting Icon

You just closed a new deal

This card will pop up after one of your deals was moved to 'Won', suggesting similar companies that you could target from both inside- and outside your CRM.

Available opportunities

This card shows up on average once per week to show you a list of companies similar to the best deals you closed in the past 2 months.


New deal duplicate

This card will tell you if someone else is working on an open deal of the same organization, simultaneously with you.

New organization duplicate

This card will tell you if you are assigned to an organization with a duplicate version in the CRM, to help clean up the system as well as avoid confusion.

Issues found in deals

In order to give you the most accurate recommendations, your CRM deals need to be clean and enriched with the right data. This card will assist you in doing that.

Issues found in organizations

In order to give you the most accurate recommendations, your CRM organizations need to contain the right domain data. This card will assist you in ensuring that.

Task management

Forgotten open deals

Get reminders on the deals you're working on to make sure they won't slip through your fingers.

Deal past expected close date

Keep your pipeline clean by ensuring all expected close dates are in the future.


Not yet available

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