If you have an older package, segmentation might not be included in your subscription. Contact your account manager to learn more.

We currently integrate with Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce to pull your CRM information through in Ocean.io for deep analysis.

In Denmark, we call it "at skyde med spredehagl". In English, you could translate it to "performing outreach on any random company and seeing where it sticks". This method could be successful, but often proves to be time-consuming and a waste of money on irrelevant leads 🚫

Why not use your CRM data to find similar companies to your most successful segments, to increase your chances of success? ✅

Before you can perform any analyses, make sure you have integrated your CRM with Ocean.io. You can see all Integration articles in our support center.

1. Once you have connected your CRM system, navigate to the Segmentation Analysis page in your Ocean.io account and click on Customer segments.

2. A new page is presented where you can see your CRM data categorized by transactional data and industry. We show the following information:

  • Conversion rate
  • Won / lost ratio
  • Average time to close
  • Average amount (deal size)
  • Industry grouping (1 or more per segment)

3. If you found an interesting segment you wish to generate new leads for, click on the blue Generate leads button within the segment, and you will go to the results page. Here, you can apply any additional filters to narrow down the list you wish to use in your sales and/or marketing efforts.

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