The Salesforce integration allows you to connect directly with your CRM system. That way, you can import and export prospects will all company information and relevant contact details from and into your Salesforce system. 

Save your sales and marketing a lot of manual work and gain interesting insights into your current customer base. will use AI to segment your customers and allows you to generate look-alike audiences to your best performing segments 🙌

1. To get started, navigate to the Settings page and click on Settings again for the Salesforce integration

2. Click on Install now and you’ll be presented with Salesforce permission form. To export prospects into and from your Salesforce system, the integration will need to have full access to your CRM system.

3. Map the fields of the Companies in your Salesforce to make sure that will parse the data into the correct fields. Most fields will be pre-mapped based on their names. The fields on the left are from, the fields on the right are from your Salesforce.

If the fields from don’t fit into any of your existing fields, you can choose to ignore them or create a new custom field in your Salesforce account.

Note that needs to be given permission to access all newly created custom fields inside your Salesforce account. Contact your account manager in if you need any help.

4. In the next step, perform the very same actions for the Contacts in your Salesforce. You know the drill!

5. For the segmentation, map one or more stages in your sales funnel in which your Won and Lost opportunities are placed. Read more about our segmentation our support article Use your CRM data for Segmentation

6. In the next step, choose if you want to automatically create deals/accounts in your Salesforce when exporting information from the platform. If you enable this option, pick the settings for the exported deals.

The default deal name is the name of the company name (the placeholder is called [company_name]) and the word “deal” attached behind it.

7. Almost there! In the last step, you can choose which user(s) in Salesforce exported deals should be assigned to, for each user in

Congratulations! Your integration is ready to go 🎉

Run into any issues? Hit us up on live chat or send us an email on [email protected] any time.

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