Export your prospects directly to your computer as a .csv file to save yourself a lot of manual work. 

After you’ve bookmarked your prospects and classified them under distinctive lists, you are just 1-click away from downloading them as a .csv file. 

To get started, navigate to your saved lists

There are multiple ways you can download your prospects.

1. Export all prospects
If you want to export all the prospects from all the lists, just click on 'Download all as CSV 'in the top center of your screen. If you have a CRM integration installed, you have to click on the arrow next to 'Export all to HubSpot/Pipedrive/Salesforce' and select the right option.

2. Export a list
If you want to download a specific list you created, make sure to select the right list at the left top of your screen as shown in the screenshot below, before exporting.

3. Export selected prospects
If you want to download only selected prospects, click on the select button on the left of the page, and select one or more companies you want to export the data from. To complete this, click Download # as CSV.

Are you wondering which information can be exported through Ocean.io?
You can export all the information you can find on a company in the information bar on the right-hand side as shown in the screenshot below, including contact information.

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