Ocean.io now integrates better than ever with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Now, not only do we deliver perfectly targeted audiences, we have a hack to help you upload them. 

With this solution, you can:

  • Find the right decision makers fast

  • Receive updates when a new lead fulfils your search criteria

  • Save interesting leads to receive updates on them, such as job changes and new posts or articles shared by the lead

Why should I consider saving lead lists on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
Outreach is all about being there at the right moment for the right reasons. If someone new is hired in the company you've been chasing for a while, or a person you've been in contact with for a long time announces an exciting new step in their company, it's the right time to touch base for a good reason.

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Here's how you import your audiences in LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  1. Once you have created a list of the companies you wish to target, navigate to the Saved Lists page and select the option Export > Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Don't know how to save lists? Visit this support article for more information.

2. A pop up will open, where you can choose to copy the companies to your clipboard so you can paste them directly into  Sales Navigator, or save them as a .csv file for later use.

3. Open your LinkedIn Sales Navigator and search for leads

4. Paste the list into the Company field

5. Add any filters you find relevant, such as Geography and Title

6. Save leads individually with the Save buttons on the right hand side to follow individual people, or click on Save search in the right top of your screen to receive updates from Sales Navigator whenever new leads enter your saved list ✅

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