Ocean.io can be used by multiple employees within each organization. By tying your accounts together, you can ensure your work doesn’t overlap and you can each go on a hunt!

There will always be one Admin within your organization who will be able to set up the CRM integrations. All other rights are the same for each user.

Users share:

  • Bookmark lists

  • The export limit

  • Imported domains

  • Billing information

Here's how you manage users:

1. Go to your Settings page

2. Click on Manage users

3. To add a user, click on Add a user, fill out the desired information and click Confirm. If you wish to delete users, click on the bin icon behind their names. You can't delete the Admin user or your own user.

4. If you invited a new user, your colleague will receive an activation email shortly, allowing them to set up a password and log in going forward.

If you don't see the Manage users button on your settings page, it might be that your account is not in the right role or tier. Contact us if you need any help!

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